[yocto] QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-2.5.3.rc3)

Jain, Sangeeta sangeeta.jain at intel.com
Tue Apr 9 20:19:27 PDT 2019

Hello All,

Intel and WR YP QA is now working on QA execution for YP build 2.5.3.RC3. We are planning to execute following tests for this cycle:

OEQA-Manual tests for following modules:
1.	SDK
2.	Eclipse-plugin
3.	Kernel
4.	Toaster
5.	Bitbake (oe-core)
6.	Build-appliance
7.	Crops
8.	Compliance-test
9.	Bsp-hw
10.	Bsp-qemu

Runtime auto test for following platforms:

1.	MinnowTurbo 32bit
2.	MinnowTurbot 64 bit
3.	NUC 7
4.	NUC 6
5.	Edgerouter
6.	MPC8315e-rdb
7.	Beaglebone

Other auto tests:

1.	Qemu-selftest
2.	Qemu-meta-ide

ETA for completion is Thursday, 18 April.

Thanks & Regards,
Sangeeta Jain

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>Subject: [yocto] QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-2.5.3.rc3)
>A build flagged for QA (yocto-2.5.3.rc3) was completed on the autobuilder and is
>available at:
>    https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/releases/yocto-2.5.3.rc3
>Build hash information:
>bitbake: c0af6c81f8d5487ea2cef54a78fd1cb1d0dc6520
>eclipse-poky-neon: cd86f167be58a11b289af4ef236b4adec57ec316
>eclipse-poky-oxygen: 210c58c5a7147127f9c840718c6cd2a56e871718
>meta-gplv2: d7687d404bbc9ba3f44ec43ea8828d9071033513
>meta-intel: ba5f7ecd26630b74b6338c1828847a64ab172453
>meta-mingw: 628dcfed62ce8dcc408e5b4a5e5c0aaa921b20ad
>meta-qt3: 02f273cba6c25f5cf20cb66d8a417a83772c3179
>meta-qt4: 8e791c40140460825956430ba86b6266fdec0a93
>oecore: 0a2db923fd17019d07d88204b355aa46590f0b97
>poky: 84b78df15ff77b2fe2aeb62fcaa265dce7ebfbbb
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