[yocto] require and image.bbappend

Matteo Facchinetti matteo.facchinetti at sirius-es.it
Thu Apr 4 06:35:52 PDT 2019


I encountered a problem when try to add packages in my image recipe, but I
don't understernd if I wrong something or I have to do it in another way.

In detail, in my common_layer there are:
   - image_base.bb : yocto base image
   - image_with_graphicsupport.bb : where include image_base.bb (require

Now, in my BSP layer, I want to add some packages to the image_base.bb, so
I create here the image_base.bbappend file.
But when I try to compile image_with_graphicsupport.bb the result is not
how expected.
Image_with_graphicsupport.bb doesn't add packages contained in
image_base.bbappend but only the packages contained in image_base.bb.

Is true that when include an image to another with require statement, you
can't extend the base image with a bbappend? or I wrong something else?


Matteo Facchinetti,
Sirius Electronic Systems
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