[yocto] License information of statically linked libraries

Piotr Figiel figiel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 23:42:45 PDT 2018

 do license files for statically linked libraries get somehow on the
target image?
 I'm thinking of how license.bbclass works, as far as I understand it
gathers all relevant license files basing on the recipe fields like
LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM of installed packages.
 If a recipe is only DEPENDant (and not RDEPENDand) to a library and
uses only static files from it the dependency in question is not
installed on the target. Will the license text files of the dependency
be installed though?
 If I recall correctly for example native DEPENDencies don't get their
license text installed so are static devs somehow special?
 I have similar case here, not exactly about static libraries but I
have a case where a recipe I want to write depends build-time but not
runtime on some BSD licensed component. If I make separate recipe for
that component which will not install anything to runtime image will
the license text get installed?

Best regards,

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