[yocto] [PATCH V4 01/10] update.py: update actual branch for layer and bitbake

Robert Yang liezhi.yang at windriver.com
Thu Jun 22 03:53:28 PDT 2017

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the review, I've fixed all the issues you commented except
the following ones.

On 06/21/2017 05:01 PM, Paul Eggleton wrote:
> Hi Robert,

>> +    # We deliberately exclude status == 'X' ("no update") here
>> +    layerquery_all = LayerItem.objects.filter(classic=False).filter(status='P')
>> +    if layerquery_all.count() == 0:
>> +        logger.info("No published layers to update")
>> +        sys.exit(1)
> So near as I can tell this change isn't required as part of the other
> changes here, it's just to tell you up front that no layers are published
> if you've specified layers instead of seeing an error. I don't have an
> issue with that but this change should be mentioned in the commit
> message ("additionally ..."), or split out as a separate patch.

Sorry, it should be in another patch, I added it to wrong place when rebase.
I add this patch into "update.py: update layers orderly" now. I need
layerquery_all to know all the provided collections in database, so that we
can know whether the dependencies match or not.

>> +    # For -a option to update bitbake branch
>> +    update_bitbake = False
>>      if options.layers:
>> -        layerquery = LayerItem.objects.filter(classic=False).filter(name__in=options.layers.split(','))
>> -        if layerquery.count() == 0:
>> -            logger.error('No layers matching specified query "%s"' % options.layers)
>> -            sys.exit(1)
>> +        layers = options.layers.split(',')
>> +        if 'bitbake' in layers:
>> +            update_bitbake = True
>> +            layers.remove('bitbake')
> So since this means 'bitbake' is a reserved name for layers we should add
> validation upon layer submission to ensure you can't create a layer with this
> name. I can take care of that if you like.

Good idea, I will do it later, or you can do it if you have time.

// Robert

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