[yocto] AppArmor

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at genivi.org
Wed Jun 21 13:41:50 PDT 2017

Dominic ar Foll writes:

> I have been presenting AGL  Smack based security model in quite a few 
> conferences over the world and not many people have come to me
> to talk about their "solution" working either on SE Linux or
> AppArmor. So far I have the impression that AGL is quite unique in
> its full integration of an LSM module in an embedded project.
> One of the member of Genivi Alliance (I believe it was Bosh with 
> its product called at the time eCore) told (about 3 years 
> that they would put their security framework which was based on 
> AppAmor, in the Open, but I have never eared about it since that


Code and docs came out around a year after the initial announcement under
the new name, so it has been published about 2 years or so.

Apertis builds with OBS, so it might not directly help the OP however.

- Gunnar

Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at genivi.org>
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