[yocto] Raspberry Pi: how do I change cmdline.txt?

Piotr Lewicki piotr.lewicki at elfin.de
Wed Jun 21 01:30:48 PDT 2017

You need to create a bbappend for the linux recipe (i.e. 
"linux-raspberrypi_%.bbappend") and later override the variable "CMDLINE".

For the original content of this variable see 



On 21.06.2017 10:08, Paul D. DeRocco wrote:
> I found cmdline.txt in a folder called bcm2835-bootfiles, so I thought
> this was related to the bcm2835-bootfiles.bb recipe. I created my own
> cmdline.txt and a .bbappend saying where I put it, but it didn't work.
> Looking at the recipe, it doesn't mention cmdline.txt. What recipe deals
> with that file? I'm just trying to specify tty1 as the console.

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