[yocto] Yocto eSDK, Editing/Adding Recipes, and VCS

Aaron_Wright at selinc.com Aaron_Wright at selinc.com
Tue Jun 20 14:04:56 PDT 2017

I've been trying to document some workflows for my developers using the 
Yocto eSDK for our image, but I am coming up empty when it comes to 
editing or adding recipes. I can use devtool to edit a recipe like so:

devtool edit-recipe -a my-recipe

But any changes I make are hidden away in the 
esdk/layers/poky/meta-mylayer directory, which isn't managed by a VCS (git 
in this instance). So there's this modified file in a directory--great. 
What is the developer supposed to do with it? Copy it over to a VCS 
managed directory of meta-mylayer, commit, and push?

I feel like I'm missing something with the devtool workflow. Can anyone 
point me in the right direction?
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