[yocto] Some Arch Linux build fixes

Anton Novikov a.novikov at yadro.com
Tue Jun 20 07:09:15 PDT 2017

Hi, and all have a nice day.

My company contributes to OpenBMC project, whose code has an 

git subtree. I'm trying to build it on Arch Linux, which is a rolling 
release distribution, and

has pretty recent package versions, which triggers some bugs, which I'm 

Patrick, an OpenBMC maintainer, sent me here, as the code in this folder 
seems to be

synchronized with Yocto code. So somebody, please look at 

and comment on it here. I want to either re-contribute the changes to 
Yocto, or just maintain arch-fixes

branch of github.com/an146/openbmc and have someone else to adapt the 
fixes to Yocto.



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