[yocto] Compiling meta-browser ==>chromium ? cleaning ?

Jacobo Aragunde Pérez jaragunde at igalia.com
Mon Jun 19 07:21:17 PDT 2017

On 18/06/17 20:10, Gunnar Andersson wrote:
> Riko Ho <antonius.riko at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I tried to compile chromium but never succeeded, took me already 12 
>> hours and stopped on 99%, I used bitbake for doing it,
> Not sure what would cause it to just stop and it could have been some
> temporary glitch?   Maybe you want to provide some logs of your build if
> Martin's reference does not help.

Just a heads-up, if it stopped at 99% it probably was in the linking
phase (you can check the logs under
tmp/work/$arch/chromium-wayland/$version/temp/log.do_compile to be
certain). This phase has a very high RAM demand, you could even need to
temporarily increase your swap space to go past that point.

Jacobo Aragunde
Software Engineer at Igalia

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