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idealsim idealsim at laposte.net
Thu Jun 15 05:01:36 PDT 2017

I have made some progress but still have an issue. First to create an user  
we need expect. I add it to my local.conf. Under the script that work  
(tested on the card) :

      #!/usr/bin/expect -f
      spawn echo script for create samba user
      spawn smbpasswd -a sambaUser
      expect "New SMB password:"
      send "myPassword\n"
      expect "Retype new SMB password:"
      send "myPassword\n"
      spawn echo end of script
Then i have modified my recipe to add this script and launch it at first  
boot :

FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"

# Add custom smb.conf file to samba recipe
SRC_URI += "file://22-samba-conf.patch \
file://createUserSamba.sh \

do_install_append () {
install -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/createUserSamba.sh ${D}${sysconfdir}/samba

pkg_postinst_samba () {

But this don't work ! Do you have some advices to resolve this please ?



Le Mon, 12 Jun 2017 21:30:55 +0200, idealsim <idealsim at laposte.net> a  

> Hi, i'm trying to configure a samba server from yocto for my card. I  
> have a working server (add samba in local.conf), but i would like to add  
> the user >with password to samba at yocto build step. For this i add  
> this recipe (samba_%.bbappend)
> FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"
> # Replace default smb.conf file to /etc/samba with my custom
> SRC_URI += "file://22-samba-conf.patch"
> pkg_postinst_${PN} () {
>    smbpasswd -a sambaUser -s
>    echo Password
>    echo Password
>    echo
> }
> For that i use pkg_postinst () but i don't know if i use it correctly  
> (for the moment this won't work) ! At first boot time i need to execute  
> #smbpasswd in >shell to activate the user in Samba. If someone can help  
> to configure it in yocto recipe ?
> regards
> Mickael

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