[yocto] Release Candidate Build for yocto-2.4_M1.rc1 now available.

Poky Build User pokybuild at yoctoproject.org
Wed Jun 14 21:18:29 PDT 2017

A release candidate build for yocto-2.4_M1.rc1 is now available at:


Please begin QA on this build as soon as possible.

Build hash information: 
meta-intel : 86c55b1296a1c0b1fab6a3fd339bed0aafc92c07 
meta-qt4 : 033509ebc1eb0d13290a7a3f0c2772ed58712c34 
refkit : 9b31868d82db68567d835c85be61c68a23c28f36 
meta-mingw : 032c9ef231be4a00fb36f74cb51a6ee6e76c13c0 
meta-qt3 : f33b73a9563f2dfdfd0ee37b61d65d90197a456f 
meta-gplv2 : d1ab8b5b8d106d380f27e9157c94ec8ae2c6da30 
poky : 6964efddd31c479386d1643c1025bc102710392f 

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