[yocto] devshell not working for Qt or Boundary Devices based yocto

Jimi Damon jdamon at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 16:58:28 PDT 2017

Hi ,

I'm trying out two different yocto distributions and in each one the 
devshell doens't work. Instead it just gets to the Summary line and 
returns to my normal shell ( bash ) .

I'm invoking it with

bitbake -c devshell core-image-minimal

bitbake --version = 1.32.0

I'm getting my distribution from

|repo init -u 
http:||//github||.com||/boundarydevices/boundary-bsp-platform||-b morty|

|or from Qt's boot2qt system using "b2qt-init-build-env init --device 


Any ideas what is going wrong ?


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