[yocto] Yocto Project Status WW24’17

Jolley, Stephen K stephen.k.jolley at intel.com
Mon Jun 12 07:51:10 PDT 2017

Current Dev Position: Preparing for YP 2.4 M1

Next Deadline: YP 2.4 M1 Cut off is June 12, 2017

SWAT team rotation: Todor -> Alejandro on June 9, 2017.

SWAT team rotation: Alejandro -> Jussi on June 16, 2017.


Key Status/Updates:

·        Patch merging for 2.4 M1 is continuing and we hope to have a build into QA this week. The sheer number of failures we’re finding with submitted patches means patch merging is slow.

·        We have fixed some key bugs in memres bitbake (thanks Paul!). I’d love more people to start using that and to report any issues since we would like to make it the default by M2.

·        Due to various issues mean we’re going to repsin Morty 2.2.2 and put a second rc through QA when we have time after 2.4 M1 is in QA.

·        The no-x11 and musl issues in krogoth were resolved and we put 2.1.3 into QA.  See: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/2.1_QA_Status#Summary_Report

·        We are planning a build of the pyro point release soon, if you have patches you want to see in that stable series, please let us know. We did backport a number of CVEs already.

·        Armin is looking after the pyro stable series at this point but we are all overloaded and help would be appreciated.

Planned upcoming dot releases:

YP 2.1.3 Cut off May 22, 2017 - In QA now.

YP 2.1.3 Release by June 3, 2017

YP 2.3.1 Cut off May 30, 2017 - Running late, but should go into QA after YP 2.4 M1 is done.

YP 2.3.1 Release by June 9, 2017

YP 2.2.2 Cut off June 5, 2017 - Will respin and run through QA after YP 2.4 M1 is done.

YP 2.2.2 Release by June, 16 2017

YP 2.3.2 Cut off Aug 7, 2017

YP 2.3.2 Release by Aug. 18, 2017

Key YP 2.4 Dates are:

YP 2.4 M1 Cut off is June 12, 2017

YP 2.4 M1 Release by June 23, 2017

YP 2.4 M2 Cut off is July 17, 2017

YP 2.4 M2 Release by July 28, 2017

YP 2.4 M3 Cut off is Aug. 21, 2017

YP 2.4 M3 Release by Sept. 1, 2017

YP 2.4 M4 (Final) Cut off is Sept. 18, 2017

YP 2.4 M4 (Final) Release by Oct. 20, 2017

Tracking Metrics:

            WDD 2748 (last week 2793)


Key Status Links for YP:




[If anyone has suggestions for other information you’d like to see on this weekly status update, let us know!]


Stephen K. Jolley
Yocto Project Program Manager
INTEL, MS JF1-255, 2111 N.E. 25th Avenue, Hillsboro, OR 97124
•   Work Telephone:        (503) 712-0534
•    Cell:               (208) 244-4460
• Email:                            stephen.k.jolley at intel.com

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