[yocto] [bitbake] Conditional Linux Kernel compilation according to Yocto Variables

Karim ATIKI karim_atiki at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 8 00:32:53 PDT 2017

I'm using Yocto (Poky Dora is mandatory for our project) to create a Linux image for an ARM base board.

Currently, we're working on an evaluation board.

We have a dedicated layer (meta-docking) with all the stuff.

We have dedicated recipes that installs a specific version of the Linux Kernel and some specific patch as well.

As we create the image:

bitbake -k docking-image

Now, we're moving toward the final board to be used in production. It differs from the evaluation board as some connectors are added (lighting etc.).

Therefore, the Linux Kernel being installed is slightly different, some source files need to be replaced/patched/modified consequently.

My colleague, firstly chose to create another copy of the layer (i.e. meta-docking-prod).

This option does not satisfy us, I'm sure Yocto provides mechanisms to apply taks according to the target.

My question is, for example, how to apply different patches on a Linux kernel (or any yocto resource file) according to user's variable ? or according to the target machine ?

Without having to duplicate layers.


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