[yocto] dllmap config for a Mono app

Craig McQueen craig.mcqueen at innerrange.com
Wed Jun 7 23:41:26 PDT 2017

I have a Mono app that uses DllImport to load some functions from libraries. The app can't find the libraries unless I create a Mono config file containing dllmap lines to map the library's plain "DLL" name (e.g. "foo") to the real name of the .so file (e.g. "libfoo.so.4").

* What would be a good way in the .bb recipe to automatically create the required Mono config file? It would need to find the "real" names of the library files from the library(s) build output. So it would DEPENDS on the library(s).

* Is it better to create a local config file, or write it into /etc/mono/config? (My Mono app has the DllImports in a compiled DLL, and so far I've found that I need to create a local MyDll.dll.config file; making a MyApp.exe.config file doesn't work.)

* Alternatively, the Mono app can find the libraries if plain libfoo.so symbolic link to libfoo.so.4 exists in the rootfs. But this symbolic link normally is only in the libfoo-dev package, not the libfoo package. Is there some reasonable way to create and install the libfoo.so symbolic links on the rootfs?

Craig McQueen

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