[yocto] Minutes: Yocto Project Technical Team Meeting

Jolley, Stephen K stephen.k.jolley at intel.com
Tue Jun 6 08:30:46 PDT 2017

Attendees: Armin, Joshua L., Joshua W., Pascal, Trevor, Stephen, Ross, Stephano, Richard, Michael, Juan, Paul, Mark,


* Opens collection - 5 min (Stephen)
* Yocto Project status - 5 min (Stephen/team)
YP 2.2.2 (Morty) rc1 is out of QA.  We agreed to do a respin.
YP 2.1.3 (Krogoth) has not successfully built.  We are not getting much support from the community to fix.
YP 2.3.1 (Pyro) has no agreed to maintainer yet.  A number of CVE fixes and bug fixes are being backported.  But, not a lot of support has come from the community yet. We hope to do a dot release soon, most likely after YP 2.4 M1.
YP 2.4 M1 will build next week.


* Opens - 10 min
Pyro maintainership - Armin has agreed to do this.


* Team Sharing - 10 min
Richard - Discussed that memres by default has mostly moved to 2.4 M2.  Looking at layer versioning.


Stephen K. Jolley
Yocto Project Program Manager
INTEL, MS JF1-255, 2111 N.E. 25th Avenue, Hillsboro, OR 97124
*   Work Telephone:     (503) 712-0534
*    Cell:              (208) 244-4460
* Email:                stephen.k.jolley at intel.comYP

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