[yocto] File permissions on package_ipk.bbclass

Ian Welch ian_welch at trimble.com
Fri Jun 2 13:57:44 PDT 2017

     We are using the *package_ipk.bbclass *to create packages for opkg
that will be installed on our embedded hardware (target). We are also using
Jenkins as a CI server to run bitbake. We have discovered that when we
install packages built on Jenkins we get all kinds of file permissions
errors after installing the ipks on our target system. I have tracked the
issue down to bitbake being run by a user called "jenkins" on our Jenkins
system. The permissions of the files are all "jenkins:jenkins" prior to the
do_package task running which results in these permissions getting packaged
into the .ipk files.

Is there a way to change the ownership of the files prior to being
packaged? I'm thinking of something like a package_ipk.bbappend file or
environment variable?



Ian Welch
Trimble Navigation
10368 Westmoor Drive | Westminster, CO 80021
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