[yocto] [meta-swupd][PATCH] bsdiff: update to latest version

André Draszik git at andred.net
Wed Nov 30 06:31:48 PST 2016

On Wed, 2016-11-30 at 12:04 +0100, Patrick Ohly wrote:
> On Mon, 2016-11-21 at 12:03 +0000, André Draszik wrote:
> > This allows us to completely remove the build time
> > depenency on libcheck when not needed, reducing
> > overall build time, and in addition tests can be
> > converted into a PACKAGECONFIG to enable them if
> > needed.
> +1
> Sorry for the delay, I had to check with Joshua first who's going to
> merge your patches. I'm currently working on a major update of
> meta-swupd (see https://github.com/ostroproject/ostro-os/pull/198) and
> if there's enough interest for using it as part of Yocto, might continue
> maintaining it.

Thanks Patrick. Are you saying you would otherwise abandon meta-swupd
completely, or have it be a part of ostro-os only?
swupd via meta-swupd seems to be a very good addition to yocto.


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