[yocto] [AUH] Upgrade status: 2016-11-28

auh at auh.yoctoproject.org auh at auh.yoctoproject.org
Mon Nov 28 05:00:51 PST 2016

AUH finished upgrade batch the result patches/logs can be found at:
https://logs.yoctoproject.org/auh//20161126150003.tar.gz, next are the statistics:

Recipe upgrade statistics:

    * Failed(do_package): 1
        hdparm, 9.50, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
    * Failed(other errors): 20
        ghostscript, 9.20rc1, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        rpm, 5.4.17, Mark Hatle <mark.hatle at windriver.com>
        flex, 2.6.2, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        debianutils, 4.8.1, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        epiphany, 23.2.1, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        webkitgtk, 2.14.2, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        lsbinitscripts, 9.69, Ross Burton <ross.burton at intel.com>
        dpkg, 1.18.15, Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon at linux.intel.com>
        file, 5.29, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        xf86-video-intel, 20040721+gitAUTOINC+bec47f9369, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        apt, 1.3.1, Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon at linux.intel.com>
        xf86-video-vmware, 13.2.1, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        prelink, 20151030.+gitAUTOINC+927979bbd1, Mark Hatle <mark.hatle at windriver.com>
        gobject-introspection, 1.50.0, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        pigz, 2.3.4, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        cups, 2.2.1, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        util-linux, 2.29, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        u-boot-mkimage, v2016.11+gitAUTOINC+29e0cfb4f7, Denys Dmytriyenko <denis at denix.org>
        systemd-boot, 232+gitAUTOINC+a1e2ef7ec9, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        perl, 5.24.1, Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon at linux.intel.com>
    * Succeeded: 57
        xf86-video-omap, 0.4.5, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        ofono, 1.19, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        guile, 2.0.13, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        dbus, 1.10.12, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        msmtp, 1.6.6, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        ca-certificates, 20161102, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        diffutils, 3.5, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        nfs-utils, 1.3.4, Mariano Lopez <mariano.lopez at linux.intel.com>
        shared-mime-info, 1.7, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        nettle, 3.3, Armin Kuster <akuster808 at gmail.com>
        strace, 4.14, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        xkeyboard-config, 2.19, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        pax-utils, 1.1.7, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        gstreamer1.0, 1.10.1, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        gdb, 7.12, Khem Raj <raj.khem at gmail.com>
        man-pages, 4.08, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        libnotify, 0.7.7, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        iw, 4.9, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        bluez5, 5.43, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        slang, 2.3.1a, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        sysstat, 11.5.2, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        xf86-input-keyboard, 1.9.0, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        glib-2.0, 2.50.2, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        busybox, 1.25.1, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        dbus-glib, 0.108, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        taglib, 1.11.1, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        iso-codes, 3.71, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        libxi, 1.7.8, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        dbus-test, 1.10.12, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        sqlite3, 3.15.1, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        lighttpd, 1.4.43, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        sudo, 1.8.18p1, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        elfutils, 0.167, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        tiff, 4.0.7, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        harfbuzz, 1.3.3, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        pciutils, 3.5.2, Chen Qi <Qi.Chen at windriver.com>
        npth, 1.3, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        lttng-modules, 2.8.3+gitAUTOINC+114e0e4afe, Richard Purdie <richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org>
        ifupdown, 0.8.16, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        e2fsprogs, 1.43.3, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        ltp, 20160920, Dengke Du <dengke.du at windriver.com>
        xf86-input-evdev, 2.10.4, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        tzdata, 2016j, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        btrfs-tools, 4.8.4, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        gtk+3, 3.22.4, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        gsettings-desktop-schemas, 3.22.0, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        vala, 0.34.3, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        mpfr, 3.1.5, Khem Raj <raj.khem at gmail.com>
        xf86-input-synaptics, 1.9.0, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        gnutls, 3.5.6, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        iproute2, 4.8.0, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        dhcp, 4.3.5, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        xf86-input-mouse, 1.9.2, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        libinput, 1.5.2, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        menu-cache, 1.0.2, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        ruby, 2.2.6, Leonardo Sandoval <leonardo.sandoval.gonzalez at linux.intel.com>
        libsolv, 0.6.24, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
    * Failed(do_patch): 4
        openssl, 1.1.0c, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        lttng-tools, 2.8.2+gitAUTOINC+48262f117d, Richard Purdie <richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org>
        bash, 4.4, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        sysprof, 3.22.2+gitAUTOINC+4412a566be, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
    * Failed(do_fetch): 2
        git, 2.10.2, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        python3-setuptools, 29.0.0, Edwin Plauchu <edwin.plauchu.camacho at linux.intel.com>
    * Failed(do_compile): 13
        quilt, 0.65, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        cogl-1.0, 1.22.2, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        libxkbcommon, 0.7.0, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        gnupg, 2.1.16, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        libgpg-error, 1.25, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        python-setuptools, 29.0.0, Jose Lamego <jose.a.lamego at linux.intel.com>
        gpgme, 1.8.0, Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia at windriver.com>
        icu, 58.1, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        less, 487, Robert Yang <liezhi.yang at windriver.com>
        kexec-tools, 2.0.13, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        texinfo, 6.3, Leonardo Sandoval <leonardo.sandoval.gonzalez at linux.intel.com>
        cmake, 3.7.0, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at intel.com>
        wpa-supplicant, 2.6, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
    * Failed(do_configure): 8
        weston, 1.12.0, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        xserver-xorg, 1.19.0, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad, 1.10.1, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        vte, 0.46.1, Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen at intel.com>
        gstreamer1.0-plugins-base, 1.10.1, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        gstreamer1.0-plugins-good, 1.10.1, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        gstreamer1.0-rtsp-server, 1.10.1, Maxin B. John <maxin.john at intel.com>
        pinentry, 1.0.0, Armin Kuster <akuster808 at gmail.com>

    TOTAL: attempted=105 succeeded=57(54.29%) failed=48(45.71%)

Recipe upgrade statistics per Maintainer:

    Armin Kuster <akuster808: attempted=2 succeeded=1(50.00%) failed=1(50.00%)
    Hongxu Jia <hongxu.jia: attempted=10 succeeded=4(40.00%) failed=6(60.00%)
    Leonardo Sandoval <leonardo.sandoval.gonzalez: attempted=2 succeeded=1(50.00%) failed=1(50.00%)
    Mariano Lopez <mariano.lopez: attempted=1 succeeded=1(100.00%) failed=0(0.00%)
    Ross Burton <ross.burton: attempted=1 succeeded=0(0.00%) failed=1(100.00%)
    Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin: attempted=17 succeeded=9(52.94%) failed=8(47.06%)
    Jussi Kukkonen <jussi.kukkonen: attempted=21 succeeded=14(66.67%) failed=7(33.33%)
    Robert Yang <liezhi.yang: attempted=11 succeeded=5(45.45%) failed=6(54.55%)
    Richard Purdie <richard.purdie: attempted=2 succeeded=1(50.00%) failed=1(50.00%)
    Khem Raj <raj.khem: attempted=2 succeeded=2(100.00%) failed=0(0.00%)
    Mark Hatle <mark.hatle: attempted=2 succeeded=0(0.00%) failed=2(100.00%)
    Edwin Plauchu <edwin.plauchu.camacho: attempted=1 succeeded=0(0.00%) failed=1(100.00%)
    Dengke Du <dengke.du: attempted=1 succeeded=1(100.00%) failed=0(0.00%)
    Denys Dmytriyenko <denis: attempted=1 succeeded=0(0.00%) failed=1(100.00%)
    Chen Qi <Qi.Chen: attempted=12 succeeded=8(66.67%) failed=4(33.33%)
    Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon: attempted=3 succeeded=0(0.00%) failed=3(100.00%)
    Jose Lamego <jose.a.lamego: attempted=1 succeeded=0(0.00%) failed=1(100.00%)
    Maxin B. John <maxin.john: attempted=15 succeeded=10(66.67%) failed=5(33.33%)

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