[yocto] populate_sdk_ext: Unable to locate package nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy

Burton, Ross ross.burton at intel.com
Fri Nov 25 09:34:01 PST 2016

On 24 November 2016 at 07:50, Michel D'HOOGE <michel.dhooge at free.fr> wrote:

> During the install, the error was:
> ERROR: e2fsprogs-native-1.43-r1 do_populate_sysroot_setscene:
>  Error executing a python function in exec_python_func() autogenerated:
> [...]
> File: '/mnt/Yocto/sdk/greenfeed/layers/poky/meta/lib/oe/qa.py', lineno:
> 102, function: getWord
>      0101:    def getWord(self, offset):
>  *** 0102:        return struct.unpack_from(self.sex+"i", self.data,
> offset)[0]
> Exception: struct.error: unpack_from requires a buffer of at least 4 bytes

I fixed this in oe-core master a few weeks ago.  oe-core

I'll submit a backport to morty request now.

I chose Debian PM because this is what I already know and thought
> it would be easier than to learn about the RPM world.
> Not sure it was my best move ;-)

If you can in the meantime I do recommend switching to opkg or rpm.
Changing packaging format will just re-package everything assuming you
still have the tmp/ so won't take long at all.

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