[yocto] Extracting PV & PR from Makefile at compilation time.

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2016-11-23 12:01 GMT-02:00 Bipnesh, Abhinav (Abhinav)
<abhinavbipnesh at avaya.com>:
> One quick way would be to use environment variables in both places. So you
> can export them before starting a build.
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> On Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 6:26 AM, Daniel. <danielhilst at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a Makefile with this header
> major = 1
> minor = 0
> patch = 10
> release = -beta
> Which compilates someting like libmylib.so.1.0.10-beta shared object.
> On recipe I duplicate this information:
> PV="1.0.10"
> PR="-beta"
> Is there anyway to grab that information from Makefile and setting PV & PR
> according to it? At compilation time? So that I only have to change at one
> place?
> bitbake wants to know pv/pr at parse time, long before the sources have been
> fetched and unpacked.
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Thanks guys for the reply.

Christopher, now I understands. It's an egg/chicken problem. So what
I'm asking is a bit non-sense.

My case is something like this:

We have custom board.
At this board some peripherals reside.
Some libraries sit over that peripherals.
I want to be able to get version of that libraries from a running
environment when needed. This wouldn't done by my self, but by other
people that have no good linux knowledge, so that need to be simple
like a "run this command".
I want to be able to get the right source code from version number.
I want to made package updates avaible from package feed, so that
running images can be updated by package manager instead of burning
every new image. This would make my development cycle more

Before the first e-mail I was keeping version at makefile and
generating libsomething.so.X.Y.Z-release. This make it easy to grasp
version from library file name. But at each version the proper recipes
had to be edited. This is boring and error prone. I'd already build
packages like libsomething-1.2.3.rpm that ships libsomething-1.2.4.rpm
because I forgot to update the recipe.

So now I'm using no revision from SRC_URL (I'm using SVN). And setting
things like below.

PV = "${SRCPV}"
PR = "r0"

So that recipe editing can be avoided. Since I'm using SVN the
revision number aways increase and I can get system update working

I'm about to read about PR service since using SVN revision as version
seems not a good idea for me. The libraries are only used internally
so I do not have to bother about versining API changes. Anyway, thanks
for the feedback

Best regards,

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