[yocto] Use recipes but not whole layer

Oliver urnen81 at yahoo.es
Thu Nov 24 02:43:10 PST 2016

> As per the Yocto Project guidelines, layers that do this are broken.  A BSP layer should only introduce changes that affect the BSP, distro layers shouldn't contain general purpose recipes, and everything that is distro-specific should be isolated using overrides.
I was talking more generically for any type of layer. I have the feeling that many layers in our ecosystem fail to accomplish this.
I believe I understand the guidelines, based on some discussions about not including the whitelist.bbclass in OE. 
But I find it not always possible to follow. Let me expose a very simple, and commom use case, a layer which contains:
In order to success in generate recipeA, I need to extend the boost to expand some configuration parameters(log).On the other side someone would like to use recipeB. He/She will unwillingly inherit the boost modifications.
How should this be correctly done?


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