[yocto] [meta-raspberrypi][PATCH 0/1] Modify raspberrypi3.conf and add raspberrypi3-64.conf

Herve Jourdain herve.jourdain at neuf.fr
Tue Nov 22 08:23:49 PST 2016

Hi Trevor,

I didn't have any such branch, but I've created them now.
They are located at: https://github.com/hjourdain/meta-raspberrypi and https://github.com/hjourdain/openembedded-core.
I've just pushed my patches there. I've not tested out of those repositories yet, but I did test those patches before, and they were working, so hopefully everything will be alright.



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Any chance your patches are available in a tree somewhere? Maybe in a branch?
Maybe on github? ;-)

I would like to give them a try (build and boot).

Best regards,

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