[yocto] baremetal toolchain for aarch64

LABRIET Nicolas nicolas.labriet at transport.alstom.com
Tue Nov 22 05:05:44 PST 2016


I am trying to produce a baremetal cross-compiler for aarch64 using Jethro.
In my local.conf I set TCLIBC = "baremetal" and run bitbake meta-toolchain.

The first error is: Exception: KeyError: 'aarch64'.
I think insane.bbclass will need to be updated by adding aarch64 to elf:
             "elf" : {
+                        "aarch64" :   (183,    0,    0,          True,          64),

Then I get a QA error on ILP32 in libgcc-dev:
ERROR: QA Issue: Bit size did not match (64 to 32) libgcc on work/aarch64-fsl-elf/libgcc/linaro-4.9-r2015.03/packages-split/libgcc-dev/usr/lib/aarch64-fsl-elf/4.9.3/ilp32/crtbegin.o [arch]

I manage to get over this one by disabling multilib on libgcc-linaro, but the build fails on:
ERROR: libgcc-dev not found in the base feeds (ls1043ardb aarch64 noarch any all).

Disabling multilib on libgcc-linaro may not be the right thing to do.

How can I proceed to build the baremetal toolchain?


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