[yocto] uninative workflow

Trevor Woerner twoerner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 13:30:46 PST 2016


To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the uninative stuff is (explanations
or pointers to explanations appreciated!) but I'm trying to figure out how to
work with it.

Previously, generating an eSDK didn't require a uninative-tarball, but now,
apparently, it does? Any idea why?

So now, in addition to building the uninative-tarball before being able to
build an eSDK, it also appears that I have to edit my local.conf to tell the
build that I'm using it, where to find it, and its md5sum. The weird thing is,
I could do "bitbake uninative-tarball" all day long, and every invocation of
that command will generate a tarball with a different md5sum even though the
configuration for each build is exactly the same!

This is getting hard to automate.

In order to create an image and an eSDK I have to start with a local.conf that
doesn't have uninative stuff in it and "bitbake uninative-tarball". Then I can
build my image, then I have to enable the uninative stuff in local.conf,
calculate, and insert the latest md5sum into local.conf, then I can generate
my eSDK. This is getting tricky to automate in, say, a Jenkins job :-(

Am I doing something wrong? It'd be great to go back to the days when the
uninative-tarball wouldn't be required for the eSDK, but maybe that's not

Best regards,

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