[yocto] SWAT Reboot

Lock, Joshua G joshua.g.lock at intel.com
Tue Nov 15 08:23:10 PST 2016

The short version is that the SWAT process document has been updated,
if you're a member of the SWAT team please take a few moments to read
this mail and update the wiki.

We're making a concerted effort in the 2.3 cycle to improve the SWAT
process and ensure that it's operating effectively.

To that end I've updated the SWAT process document on the Yocto Project
wiki to reflect current expectations, particularly in light of the
addition of the buildlogger tool during the morty cycle:


In reviewing the process we've added an extra role, as described on the
wiki, for someone to be a first point of contact for the SWAT process
and to provide backup cover for the active member. This should help
provide continuity for the process when active members rotate and help
people external to the process with a constant point of contact.

As Tracy Graydon is already heavily involved in build and release
through her role as Yocto Project release engineer we've asked her to
help out here.

During the 2.3 development cycle we will be further improving the
buildlogger tool to automate more of the boilerplate aspects of the
SWAT process, most significantly a change to automate initial updating
of the BuildLog entry on a build failure:


It would be useful if SWAT members could update their user page on the
wiki to include their contact details and link to it from the members
section of the SWAT process page:


Feel free to reach out to Tracy and myself with any questions.

Expect more updates as we proceed with the SWAT reboot and tool


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