[yocto] Buildbot / Autobuilder / custom?

Beth 'pidge' Flanagan pidge at toganlabs.com
Fri Nov 11 10:37:53 PST 2016

On Fri, 2016-11-11 at 12:35 -0500, Alain Achkar wrote:
> Hello Joshua!
> We are using Yocto to build for the Variscite DART-6UL SoM which is
> based on Freescale/NXP i.MX6UL (http://variwiki.com/index.php?title=D
> ART-6UL_Yocto_Jethro_R1_build).
> Currently, developers run builds manually on their desktops. We are
> considering using a continuous integration server. I found out that
> The Yocto Project uses Autobuilder which in turn uses BuildBot. I
> read most of the introductory documentation.
> Would you recommend that we install only BuildBot and configure it to
> build what we need?
> OR
> Would you recommend that we install Autobuilder (and BuildBot) and
> configure it to build what we need?

Actually, the yocto-autobuilder already contains buildbot so no need
for both.

If you read:


and probably some of the other READMEs and the documentation in the
docs directory of the yocto-autobuilder directory, it should get you
started in the right direction.

Feel free to ask questions if you need help.


Elizabeth 'pidge' Flanagan
Founder/CTO Togán Labs

> What is the faster path to get up and running?
> Thanks!
> Alain.
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