[yocto] error: package X is already installed

Khem Raj raj.khem at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 09:05:53 PST 2016

On 11/9/16 4:57 AM, Yannick Kiekens wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am porting several projects from Jethro to Morty.
> Some of those projects give several hundreds of "error: package X is already
> installed" during do_populate_sdk stage in Morty. 
> These projects compiled fine in Jethro.
> What can cause these errors?

bitbake and metadata checkers got more stricter with every new release, the
problem you have was always there, it just was not detected. The problem is
that multiple recipes are producing artifacts which conflict in final image
because they are trying to install same file. So the right fix is to choose
one recipe which will provide the package/file in final rootfs and add rm -rf
${D}/path/to/<conflicting file> in do_install of other recipes

> Mvg
> Yannick Kiekens

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