[yocto] Yocto : QA issue: package qlibc-dbg contains bad RPATH

Dinh Nguyen (dinhn) dinhn at cisco.com
Fri Nov 4 08:09:46 PDT 2016

Hi Yocto Gurus,

ERROR: QA Issue: package qlibc-dbg contains bad RPATH /media/raghuram/data/dinhn/ioxDevLatest/ioxsdk/yp_qlibc32/tmp/work/ppce500v2-poky-linux-gnuspe/qlibc/1.0-r0/git/lib in file /media/raghuram/data/dinhn/ioxDevLatest/ioxsdk/yp_qlibc32/tmp/work/ppce500v2-poky-linux-gnuspe/qlibc/1.0-r0/packages-split/qlibc-dbg/usr/lib/libqlibcext.so [rpaths]
ERROR: QA run found fatal errors. Please consider fixing them.

I am able to compile and build IPK package for qlibc recipe. But it the above QA issue, which indicate package qlibc-dbg has a bad RPATH.
Any idea how to solve this?

Many thanks in advance
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