[yocto] How to disable a Qt module to be built?

Anatoli V. anatoli.veselinov at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 08:40:50 PDT 2016

I have been searching about this but didn't found anything. I don't know 
if what I'm asking is possible so let me explain.

My goal is to create a custom image for a target that it can run Qt 
I have the image ready, I also generated the Qt sdk (with populate_sdk) 
and I already can cross-compile. Ok.

My question is, for future builds, how do I disable or remove some Qt 
modules that I don't need?

I did:

PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-qttools = "qtwebkit"
PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-qtquick1 = "qtwebkit"

but that doesn't disable qtwebkit to be built, I saw qtwebkit do_compile 
task running and it takes a lot of time.

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