[yocto] esdk without using Poky?

Gary Thomas gary at mlbassoc.com
Tue Nov 1 19:02:11 PDT 2016

On 2016-11-02 02:44, Paul Eggleton wrote:
> On Wed, 02 Nov 2016 02:37:57 Gary Thomas wrote:
>> On 2016-11-01 21:33, Paul Eggleton wrote:
>>> On Tue, 01 Nov 2016 13:36:57 Gary Thomas wrote:
>>>> On 2016-10-31 23:06, Paul Eggleton wrote:
>>>>> FYI the eSDK will use whatever you set in DISTRO - you have your own
>>>>> distribution, but I assume you are still referencing poky - perhaps as
>>>>> an
>>>>> include from your distro configuration? At least meta-poky must be in
>>>>> your
>>>>> bblayers.conf, otherwise I don't think you'd be getting this error.
>>>>> Regardless of that, there is a bug here somewhere. What do you have
>>>>> under
>>>>> layers/ in the generated SDK? Are you setting TEMPLATECONF anywhere?
>>>> I don't have meta-poky, nor any mention of poky, in any of my layers.
>>>> I'm still relying on the poky GIT tree, but that's for historical reasons
>>>> (started long before the OE-core split).
>>> I think that's where the problem lies. You may not realise it, but the
>>> TEMPLATECONF environment variable is being set simply by using the poky
>>> repository, since there is a .templateconf directory at its root that sets
>>> it to "meta-poky/conf" if it isn't already set. This isn't a problem
>>> during normal operation since meta-poky/conf exists there - you'll just
>>> be using poky's template local.conf and bblayers.conf rather than any
>>> other. When you generate the eSDK though, meta-poky won't be copied into
>>> the eSDK because that layer is not in your bblayers.conf and thus you get
>>> the error.
>>> I will have to try and figure a way around this. In the mean time you
>>> should be able to change the saved value in
>>> <builddir>/conf/templateconf.cfg to "meta/conf" to work around the issue,
>>> but it'll come back if you create a new build directory unless you set
>>> TEMPLATECONF in the external environment before running
>>> oe-init-build-env.
>> I'm still confused.  There is no mention of meta-poky, or of the $DISTRO
>> 'poky' anywhere in my <builddir>/conf:
>>    gthomas at europa:p8701_2016-10-22$ cat conf/templateconf.cfg
>>    meta-rainier-am335x-p8701/conf
>>    gthomas at europa:p8701_2016-10-22$ grep -i poky conf/*
>>    conf/bblayers.conf:  /local/poky-cutting-edge/meta \
>>    conf/bblayers.conf:  /local/poky-cutting-edge/meta-oe \
>>    conf/bblayers.conf:  /local/poky-cutting-edge/meta-amltd \
>>    conf/bblayers.conf:  /local/poky-cutting-edge/meta-rainier-am335x-p8701 \
>> conf/bblayers.conf:  /local/poky-cutting-edge/meta-ti \
>>    conf/bblayers.conf:  /local/poky-cutting-edge/meta-webserver \
> It turns out I was mistaken. The templateconf.cfg in your build directory has
> no bearing on what the value ends up being in the eSDK because that file isn't
> copied over - instead it is created from scratch. I am working on a proper fix
> now.

Thanks.  I tried overriding this on the machine where I want to
install the eSDK (not the same as where I built it) like this:
   gthomas at zeus:~$ TEMPLATECONF=meta-rainier-am335x-p8701/conf 

Sadly, it still failed the same way.

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