[yocto] Help getting started developing.

Rafael E. Herrera raffo at cdi.com
Tue May 26 13:13:10 PDT 2015

I have purchased a TI UEVM5432 board. I have also successfully setup the development environment as described on the online documentation from the TI web site (http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/OMAP5_GLSDK_Software_Developers_Guide). My developement environment is the recommended Ubuntu distribution.

I have also successfully build the Yocto filesystem (as per the instructions in the link above) and successfully booted the generated image in the evaluation board.

Where I need help is on how to port an application to the Yocto filesystem.  In particular, I need to build an X Window client.

The instructions in the link above don't explain well how to prepare/configure my environment so I can compile my application. 

If it were a typical development environment, I would configure my Makefiles and just compile. The method used with this development environment (bitbake) is not that clear to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rafael Herrera 

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