[yocto] Using wic from a Bitbake task

Ahsan, Noor Noor_Ahsan at mentor.com
Mon Jul 27 00:17:26 PDT 2015

Hello all,

Will it be valuable to create another option (which assume that bitbake is running and get values from variables directly) for wic which we can invoke from the image recipe as part of image creation process.


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Subject: Using wic from a Bitbake task

Is it possible to invoke 'wic create' command from a bitbake task. As currently it is implemented to be run as a standalone tool and if we invoke it from a task, the 'bitbake -e' command fails, since more than one instances of bitbake cannot be run from a single build directory.

We want to emit an SD card image as part of build artifacts when an image recipe is built. And we don't want to use the boot-directdisk.bbclass as it's going to be deprecated in favour of wic.

Fahad Usman.

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