[yocto] File system for alternate partition

Bollinger, Seth Seth.Bollinger at digi.com
Tue Jun 24 10:09:29 PDT 2014

>I guess I didn¹t think about using a full image as I would need to remove
>a bunch of stuff, but maybe that is the best way.  That way I can keep the
>flexibility of defining recipes that would be installed to my data
>partition image.  I will give it a try.

So I created an empty image without any packages being added.  As I
suspected, there’s cruft that I don’t really need in the FS.  What’s the
best way to remove these, post processing?

├── etc
│   └── rcS.d
├── lib
│   └── modules
│       └── 3.10.16-dey+gf167640
└── var
    └── lib
        └── opkg



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