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Stephano Cetola stephano.cetola at linux.intel.com
Wed Feb 7 09:49:38 PST 2018

On 2/7/18 4:37 AM, Janez Svetokravsky wrote:
> Hello,
> I have just stumbled upon interesting problem, which i do not know how
> to solve. I am using yocto to build image for ARM cortex-A9 CPU. default
> gcc used is version 5.2
> Beside ARM cortex-A9 there is cortex-m0plus chip, which is located on
> the same board. From now on i will use abbreviations A9 and M0.
> Occasionally A9 is used to upgrade software on M0, therefor upgrade
> image for M0 is located in rootfs which is accessed by A9. Until now, i
> used different compiler/environment to compile firmware for M0 and
> afterwards copied M0 image to A9 rootfs.
> I would like to move compiling of M0 firmware into yocto. gcc version
> used for M0 firmware is different and must not be changed, same goes for
> A9. So my question is: Is it possible to specify different version of
> gcc and different architecture, for single yocto recipe?

This mailing list is just for an automated feed regarding Yocto Project
Continuous Integration.

You can try general discussion:


or, if you want to reach a wider audience, try the OE general mailing list:


I believe you are looking for the DISTRO_FEATURE "multiarch", so I would
start by grepping around for info on that and then ask your questions on
one of those lists.

Also, don't forget to add a descriptive subject :)


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