[Yocto-builds] [poky] meta-yocto-bsp changes and 3.14

Hart, Darren darren.hart at intel.com
Fri Mar 28 12:05:32 PDT 2014

On 3/28/14, 11:59, "Bruce Ashfield" <bruce.ashfield at windriver.com> wrote:

>On 14-03-28 02:57 PM, Hart, Darren wrote:
>> On 3/28/14, 11:38, "Bruce Ashfield" <bruce.ashfield at windriver.com>
>>> On 14-03-28 02:34 PM, Richard Purdie wrote:
>>>> With regard to beagleboard, whilst the kernel may have support for it,
>>>> I'd like to remove it from meta-yocto-bsp.
>>> ok. I had planned to just leave the compatible machine as 3.10 and
>>> the support there, since there are a few people who contact me
>>> and poke with the support.
>>> Is there a place we can put them as a "retirement" home ? versus asking
>>> people to locally restore the support.
>> The retirement home would be the 1.5 stable releases. Yes?
>Nope. That's my point, I have 3.10 changes for the Xm in linux-yocto
>3.10 that lives in 1.6. We can make it less visible, but I'd like the
>configs to follow the latest versions of the tree.

Isn't it just the SRCREV that matters here? Those can always just be
applied to 1.5. RP is only asking to remove the beagle board as a
reference BSP from the meta-yocto-bsp layer, he doesn't care if the
linux-yocto/meta data remains in place.

Darren Hart
Yocto Project - Linux Kernel
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