[Yocto-builds] Autobuilder Status

Saul Wold saul.wold at intel.com
Mon Mar 17 08:29:23 PDT 2014

On 03/17/2014 07:37 AM, Richard Purdie wrote:
> In case anyone wonders what I did to the autobuilder:
> I collected a number of patches into master-next and ran them through.
> libnewt blew up, I dropped it. systemd blew up in pulseaudio, I dropped
> pa, then systemd before that worked.
> I now have a likely fixed pulseaudio/systemd in master-next. I'm testing
> the systemd build.
Ok, so I have merged this change in with my mut, which currently has the 
archiver changes  and the kernel changes.

I need to check in with Robert and Ross about the Archiver changes.

> I've reported the separate B != S issues with meta-fsl-arm to the
> list/otavio and its being worked on.
I thought we were not including B != S in 1.6, too much issues with 
other layers?

> I've reported the -rt kernel issue to the meta-intel list/Darren since
> its a regression in master.
> The wic patches are tested on the AB ok, need review from Tom.
> Next we need to pull in Bruce's perf update and retry with 3.14,
> hopefully I've emptied the patch queue of the other stuff leaving a
> clear run for a test of that.
I have that pending in mut.

We need to build the following: master, mut, and a 1.4.3, the key 
question is the order. I think that we do a 1.4.3, followed by mut and 
then master late night.


> Cheers,
> Richard

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