[Yocto-builds] Autobuilder Status

Richard Purdie richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org
Sun Mar 11 05:47:53 PDT 2012

It's probably clear I've pushed the autobuilder a little over the
weekend. There are the following issues as far as I can tell:

a) The cross-canadian python dependency addition is causing problems
with a "python" dependency which isn't getting realised. This is causing
failures on each meta-toolchain-* build

b) On nightly-world and nightly-non-gplv3 we have "Syncing Local Build
History Repo" failures

c) The nightly-multilib's autobuilder configuration that is being
generated looks corrupt and missing on newlines

On Monday Paul/I will look into a).

b) and c) look like issues Beth needs to resolve.

Whether there is anything else hiding in that failures I'm not yet sure.



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