[yocto-ab] Yocto Project mailing lists -- migration to groups.io

Nicolas Dechesne nicolas.dechesne at linaro.org
Thu May 9 14:07:37 PDT 2019

Dear all,

As approved by the YP Advisory board in the past, we are transitioning
from mailman to groups.io to manage our mailing lists. This change
will affect *all* lists maintained on lists.yoctoproject.org

Folks in the to-list are either owners or moderators of at least one
list on lists.yoctoproject.org. We are about to deploy some
significant changes on the Yocto Project mailing lists server, and we
wanted to share with everyone our tentative plan.

Many Linux Foundations projects have migrated to groups.io, and are
generally happy with the service. While we don't expect any major
issue, we will of course be very careful throughout the transition. If
you notice any issue, please report them to Michael and myself.

At this point we are thinking about the following schedule:

1. by the end of next week, we want to notify users about the upcoming
change (at least on the main yocto and yocto-announce list. You might
want to forward this communication to your own lists.

2. implement the transition on 5/26 (it's a Sunday, in the hope to
minimize disruption of service for users).

For now this is just an informal heads up, we will send a formal
announcement when the schedule is set in stone!

If you have any questions, please let Michael or myself know.


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