[meta-xilinx] linux-xlnx kernel recipe changes

Nathan Rossi nathan.rossi at xilinx.com
Sun Mar 8 23:25:13 PDT 2015

Hi all,

There are some changes that I would like to get feedback on regarding the kernel recipes in meta-xilinx.

First off, the smaller changes.

1. MicroBlaze defaulting to linux-yocto kernel. The mainline and linux-yocto kernels are quite stable regarding MicroBlaze and little has changed (and linux-xlnx kernel provides little in addition to mainline for MicroBlaze).
2. Drop linux-xlnx 3.10, this kernel is really old and maintaining it has become a bit problematic.

So the bigger change is quite different to how the current linux-xlnx recipes work. The idea is to only provide a single linux-xlnx kernel via an autorev kernel recipe based on the 'master' branch (sort of like linux-xlnx-dev). There are a number of reasons why this approach can work better, and there are a number of reasons why it might be less useful than the existing approach. The primary reason why I would like to move to this approach is to better support and maintain a functional linux-xlnx kernel as the Xilinx kernel is maintained on the 'master' branch, including features and bug fixes. Given there can be a number of different versions of the linux-xlnx kernel that users would like to target for their projects, it is still possible for a user to include the linux-xlnx.inc and pin the specific version they are after. However I would really like to get some input from those who are relying/using the linux-xlnx recipes.

There is also the goal to switch Zynq (and ZynqMP in the future) to use linux-yocto by default. However there are still a few drivers that are not upstream that make the linux-yocto kernel a bit limited for the common use cases. I would like to get some feedback on this also to see what everyone is relying on from linux-xlnx to see if some priorities can be made to have this sooner. The list I have at the moment is the following:

 * macb performance and features (e.g. rgmii2gmii)
 * devcfg


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