[meta-virtualization] [PATCH] docker: update 18.09.0 -> 18.09.2

Bach, Pascal pascal.bach at siemens.com
Wed Feb 20 06:00:21 PST 2019

> > In this case, I'm going to stick with moby. The reason that it was
> > being used was to keep the linkage between moby and the -ce builds.
> > Since we have various other components that are sometimes in sync,
> > sometimes out of sync, having that common repository was important.
> > The point of having the docker-ce and 'docker' split was that one
> > tracked community, and one only tracks what docker "the company" was
> > doing.
> The formatting of that email came out horribly. Sorry about that.
> (let's see if this one comes out more readable)
> I thought I should add that I'm working on a refresh of the docker
> components as well, and was considering using some naming to make the
> community/docker-ce split a bit more clear. So perhaps that would help
> make hunting for the right SRCREV in moby make a bit more sense.

I was trying to do my best to figure out the correct revisions. But I think it would help to have a bit more
documentation or at least hints on how to do an update so more people can help with maintenance.

But you can ignore this patch I will wait for your refresh then 😊


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