[meta-virtualization] [PATCH] lxc: uprev from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3

Mark Asselstine mark.asselstine at windriver.com
Wed Nov 28 11:49:45 PST 2018

Update to the just released v3.0.3. This release is a collection of
minor changes, bug fixes, logging updates, documentation cleanup, code
cleanup and some new tests.

We have an improved outlook as far as ptests is concerned as well:
    ### Starting LXC ptest ###
    FAIL: lxc-test-api-reboot
    SKIPPED: lxc-test-apparmor
    PASS: lxc-test-attach
    PASS: lxc-test-automount
    FAIL: lxc-test-autostart
    PASS: lxc-test-basic
    PASS: lxc-test-cgpath
    PASS: lxc-test-cloneconfig
    PASS: lxc-test-clonetest
    PASS: lxc-test-concurrent
    PASS: lxc-test-config-jump-table
    PASS: lxc-test-console
    PASS: lxc-test-console-log
    PASS: lxc-test-containertests
    PASS: lxc-test-createconfig
    PASS: lxc-test-createtest
    PASS: lxc-test-criu-check-feature
    PASS: lxc-test-destroytest
    PASS: lxc-test-device-add-remove
    PASS: lxc-test-get_item
    PASS: lxc-test-getkeys
    PASS: lxc-test-list
    PASS: lxc-test-locktests
    PASS: lxc-test-lxcpath
    PASS: lxc-test-may-control
    FAIL: lxc-test-no-new-privs
    PASS: lxc-test-parse-config-file
    PASS: lxc-test-raw-clone
    PASS: lxc-test-reboot
    PASS: lxc-test-rootfs
    PASS: lxc-test-saveconfig
    PASS: lxc-test-share-ns
    PASS: lxc-test-shortlived
    SKIPPED: lxc-test-shutdowntest
    PASS: lxc-test-snapshot
    PASS: lxc-test-startone
    SKIPPED: lxc-test-state-server
    PASS: lxc-test-utils

        PASSED = 32
        FAILED = 3
        SKIPPED = 3
    (for details check individual test log in ./logs directory)

    ### LXC ptest complete ###

Signed-off-by: Mark Asselstine <mark.asselstine at windriver.com>
 recipes-containers/lxc/{lxc_3.0.2.bb => lxc_3.0.3.bb} | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
 rename recipes-containers/lxc/{lxc_3.0.2.bb => lxc_3.0.3.bb} (97%)

diff --git a/recipes-containers/lxc/lxc_3.0.2.bb b/recipes-containers/lxc/lxc_3.0.3.bb
similarity index 97%
rename from recipes-containers/lxc/lxc_3.0.2.bb
rename to recipes-containers/lxc/lxc_3.0.3.bb
index 9bb2866..f3924e4 100644
--- a/recipes-containers/lxc/lxc_3.0.2.bb
+++ b/recipes-containers/lxc/lxc_3.0.3.bb
@@ -48,8 +48,8 @@ SRC_URI = "http://linuxcontainers.org/downloads/${BPN}-${PV}.tar.gz \
 	file://lxc-net \
-SRC_URI[md5sum] = "72e2f1e718c7ddf3ffa9b18ec0328d8f"
-SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "6ab7117b17066220da450c55ed77953998cf2336d415143b879554364af12f5c"
+SRC_URI[md5sum] = "0aa1a982f7dfa4c7b8ce87b7047b0b6e"
+SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "620cb832cc02c63bf4d330657bf6176544e145da281ee384a34d689635a19841"
 S = "${WORKDIR}/${BPN}-${PV}"

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