[meta-virtualization] FYI: uprevs/refreshes in master

Bruce Ashfield bruce.ashfield at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 07:51:19 PST 2018

Hi all,

I wanted to send a heads up that when I was doing stabilization on the
meta-virt contents against oe-core last week, I ran into some issues
with the go 1.11.x and some packages no longer building.

A long story short, it was safer/better to refresh things rather than
trying to make some gnarly changes.

The result is that docker/runc get a refresh, as well as some of the
frameworks that use them.

I've run these through some fairly extensive testing and haven't found
any issues. But send email to the list if something isn't working for
you (or better, send patches!).

There are some other more invasive changes that I'm holding onto until
after the thud release.

  100fb48 runc: refresh to tip of tree
  86db368 docker/docker-ce: uprev to 18.09
  e53055f cri-o: update to 1.12 release
  3724664 cni: update to latest plugins, and skip windows bridge build
  2a46d2d cri-o: disable ptest build
  60142aa kubernetes: uprev to v1.12 release and fix cross compilation errors



"Thou shalt not follow the NULL pointer, for chaos and madness await
thee at its end"

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