[meta-virtualization] Question : meta-virtualization - go-net_hg, go-sqlite_hg

Eric.Zaluzec at Emerson.com Eric.Zaluzec at Emerson.com
Thu Sep 1 06:28:37 PDT 2016

I am working with a Yocto project based from the fido branch. Some requirements came in to build and install docker with our yocto project's images. This brought me to meta-virtualization!
I pulled the yocto fido branch of meta-virtualization and built it with my project. I ran into two do_fetch failure to fetch error messages.

1)      The recipes-devtools/go/go-sqlite_hg.bb<http://go-sqlite_hg.bb> failed to fetch. I modified the SRC_URI to 'SRC_URI = https://storage.googleapis.com/google-code-archive-source/v2/code.google.com/gosqlite/source-archive.zip' and the package was able to fetch, install and package!

2)      The recipes-devtools/go/go-net_hg.bb<http://go-net_hg.bb> failed to fetch. I learned from https://code.google.com/archive/redirect/a/code.google.com/p/go?movedTo=https:%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fgolang%2Fgo, that go-net has moved from google.code to github.com/golang/go<http://github.com/golang/go>.
I attempted to modified the SRC_URI, but I am unable to find the same revision since it has switched repositories.
SRCREV = "84a4013f96e01fdd14b65d260a78b543e3702ee1"

Are you able to share with me a .zip or tarball file which includes this SRCREV of go-net? Or are you able to locate the code.google revision ID to a commit in github and share this information?
Any input, comments, or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to implement meta-virtualization into my Yocto project.
-Eric Zaluzec
Eric.Zaluzec at Emerson.com<mailto:Eric.Zaluzec at Emerson.com>

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