[meta-virtualization] Error building xen-image-minimal

M. Gregory mbgrego at tycho.nsa.gov
Fri Jan 15 13:22:03 PST 2016

I am still new to openembedded and I have not encountered the error
below before. It is occurring when building the xen-image-minimal
recipe. I added {PN}-devd, which contains xendriverdomain, to the
PACKAGE variable which solved the problem. Is that the correct solution?

ERROR: QA Issue: xen: Files/directories were installed but not shipped
in any package:
Please set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if
they are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install.
xen: 1 installed and not shipped files. [installed-vs-shipped]
ERROR: Fatal QA errors found, failing task.
ERROR: Function failed: do_package
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in:
ERROR: Task 337
do_package) failed with exit code '1'

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