[meta-ti] Can't build for BeagleBone

Gary Thomas gary at mlbassoc.com
Sun Oct 16 03:46:19 PDT 2016

On 2016-10-11 12:47, Denys Dmytriyenko wrote:
> Yeah, I'm also getting this in master. Works fine in krogoth. Haven't yet looked close at it though...

There seem to be two things wrong here.

*) Yocto has moved most recipes to use a split source/build tree,
    thus ${S} != ${B}
*) There is some issue with generating the UBOOT_LOCALVERSION that
    causes problems.

This patch [sort of] addresses both.  At least it lets me build a
working U-Boot for the BeagleBone from master.  I know it's not
perfect, but I couldn't figure out the why the UBOOT_LOCALVERSION
stuff wasn't working.

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