[meta-ti] Rename of omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux to ti-sgx-ddk-um not complete?

Denys Dmytriyenko denys at ti.com
Fri May 20 13:50:05 PDT 2016

On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 11:41:10PM +0000, Keith Kyzivat wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've been trying to get a beagleboard krogoth build working with working
> OpenGLES2 DRI drivers in place, and have been failing.
> I did find out that drivers changed name from libgles-omap3 to
> ti-sgx-ddk-um - but specifying ti-sgx-ddk-um as my
> PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgles2 fails hard --
>  -- Nothing RPROVIDES 'ti-sgx-ddk-um'
> Digging through commits, I found commit c70102c671 -
> renaming omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux to ti-sgx-ddk-um.
> The problem seems to be that these are renamed, but the package names have
> not changed -- recipes-graphics/libgles/ti-sgx-ddk-um_1.14.3699939.bb
> includes:


The rename is complete and correct and works as expected. 

> PROVIDES += "virtual/egl virtual/libgles1 virtual/libgles2
> omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux"
> Shouldn't this be the following?
> PROVIDES += "virtual/egl virtual/libgles1 virtual/libgles2 ti-sgx-ddk-um"

No, the way it is now is correct - it doesn't need to include ti-sgx-ddk-um in 
PROVIDES list, as that's already the name of the package. The reason it 
includes the old omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux name is to ensure upgradeability path 
from the old name of the package.

> And also RPROVIDES, RREPLACES, RCONFLICTS and associated -dev, -dbg
> packages?

Same as above. Moreover, adding own name into RREPLACES and RCONFLICTS would 
be problematic, as it would mean it replaces and conflicts with itself.

> Apologies if I'm asking this wrong - I'm pretty new to Yocto/OE and still
> figuring it all out.

Now, as to your problem. Which exact platform are you trying it on? I see you 
mention beagleboard, so if it is really an old OMAP3-based BeagleBoard and not 
the new AM335x-based BeagleBone, then it simply is not supported. Currently 
supported platforms by the new SGX components are am335x/ti33x, am437x/am43x 
and j6/dra7xx/am57x:


For old OMAP3 platforms, you'd still need libgles-omap3, which, unfortunately, 
hasn't been updated to recent 4.x kernel and therefore was dropped in krogoth.


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