[meta-ti] AM335x Power Management Standby

Pierluigi Passaro pierluigi.passaro at phoenixsoftware.it
Fri May 6 19:04:34 PDT 2016

Hi all,
I'm testing suspend resume with latest TI SDK 02.00.02 on AM3354 but I'm 
observing some strange behaviours.

1) GPIO banks
It looks that GPIOs from banks different from 0 are not able to resume 
the neither in mem, nor in stanby mode: is the expected behaviour?

2) TSC
It looks that the first time you suspend the board is not able to cause 
the wakeup, but if you wakeup in any other ways, the following times the 
TSC correctly wakeup the board.

3) USB
According link
the USB should wakeup the board, but nothing happen.

According link
the UARTs could be allowed to wakeup the boards, but the procedure does 
not apply (invalid sys path)

Anyone tested wakeup sources with AM3354?
Any suggestion or workaround?


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