[meta-ti] OE Changelog since 2013-03-24 until 2013-03-31

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Mon Apr 1 08:52:37 PDT 2013

Changelog since 2013-03-24 until 2013-03-31.  Projects included in this report:

bitbake: git://git.openembedded.org/bitbake
openembedded-core: git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core
meta-openembedded: git://git.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded
meta-angstrom: git://github.com/Angstrom-distribution/meta-angstrom.git
meta-arago: git://arago-project.org/git/meta-arago.git
meta-beagleboard: git://github.com/beagleboard/meta-beagleboard.git
meta-browser: git://github.com/OSSystems/meta-browser.git
meta-bug: git://github.com/buglabs/meta-bug.git
meta-chicken: git://github.com/OSSystems/meta-chicken
meta-efikamx: git://github.com/kraj/meta-efikamx.git
meta-ettus: http://github.com/koenkooi/meta-ettus.git
meta-fsl-arm: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-fsl-arm
meta-fsl-arm-extra: git://github.com/Freescale/meta-fsl-arm-extra.git
meta-fsl-ppc: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-fsl-ppc
meta-guacamayo: git://github.com/Guacamayo/meta-guacamayo.git
meta-gumstix: git://github.com/gumstix/meta-gumstix.git
meta-gumstix-community: git://gitorious.org/schnitzeltony-oe-meta/meta-gumstix-community.git
meta-handheld: git://git.openembedded.org/meta-handheld
meta-igep: http://github.com/ebutera/meta-igep.git
meta-intel: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-intel
meta-ivi: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-ivi
meta-java: git://github.com/woglinde/meta-java
meta-kde: git://gitorious.org/openembedded-core-layers/meta-kde.git
meta-micro: git://git.openembedded.org/meta-micro
meta-mono: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-mono.git
meta-netbookpro: git://github.com/tworaz/meta-netbookpro
meta-nslu2: git://github.com/kraj/meta-nslu2
meta-opie: git://git.openembedded.org/meta-opie
meta-qt3: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-qt3
meta-slugos: git://github.com/kraj/meta-slugos
meta-systemd: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-systemd
meta-raspberrypi: git://github.com/djwillis/meta-raspberrypi.git
meta-smartphone: http://git.shr-project.org/repo/meta-smartphone.git
meta-ti: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-ti
meta-webos: git://github.com/openwebos/meta-webos.git
meta-xilinx: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-xilinx
meta-yocto: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-yocto
openembedded: git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded

Changelog for bitbake:

Andrei Dinu (5):
  cache_extra.py : added package information
  cooker.py : added variables related to cache_extra
  propertydialog.py : added 'Package files' functionality
  hoblistmodel.py : passing the package information to hob
  packageselectionpage.py : added information to hob

Cristiana Voicu (1):
  hob: Search strings and results should be persistent

Olof Johansson (1):
  bb.tests.fetch: Opt-out for unittests that require network

Richard Purdie (2):
  doc/bitbake.1: Update with missing parameters
  bitbake/fetch: Add git submodules fetcher

Changelog for openembedded-core:

Anders Roxell (1):
  oe-setup-builddir: Possibility to customize text.

Andreas Oberritter (1):
  Revert "base-files: add fstab for systemd based systems"

Andrei Dinu (1):
  packageinfo.bbclass : extended functionality

Björn Stenberg (1):
  dbus: Depend on dbus-ptest-ptest

Bruce Ashfield (7):
  linux-yocto/3.8: allow kernel feature _appends to be overriden
  linux/yocto-3.4: update to v3.8.4
  linux-yocto/3.8: introduce v3.8.4-rt1
  kern-tools: initialization and meta branch fixes
  linux-yocto/3.4: import v3.4.36 -stable fixes
  linux-yocto/3.8: fix perf host contamination
  linux-yocto/3.8: qemuarm boot fix

Chen Qi (2):
  sysvinit: rc: exit psplash correctly
  init-install.sh: remove unnecessary udev rules file to avoid error messages

Colin Walters (1):
  nspr: Also update nspr.pc to 4.9.5

Cristian Iorga (2):
  meta/lib/oe/lsb.py: fix data extraction from /etc/lsb-release
  meta/lib/oe/lsb.py: extract only the needed info from lsb-release

Joe Slater (1):
  dosfstools: really compile supporting large files

Kang Kai (2):
  packagegroup-core-lsb: add nspr
  libpng: add version 1.2 back

Khem Raj (6):
  docbook-utils-native: Unbreak the build after source and build dir split
  binutils: Don't generate .PPC.EMB.apuinfo sections for 64-bit output
  uclibc-git: Fix build on x86 and move to latest master
  systemd: Upgrade to 198
  systemd: Upgrade to 199
  systemd: Add new package systemd-kernel-install

Laurentiu Palcu (4):
  xf86-input-evdev: add mtdev dependency
  nspr: remove unnecessary files from the main package
  qemux86*.conf: replace XSERVER weak assignment with a hard one
  elfutils: remove i386_dis.h/x86_64_dis.h compilation targets

Marc Ferland (1):
  image_types.bbclass: Replace squashfs-lzma with squashfs-xz

Mark Hatle (2):
  rpm: Add workaround for debugedit-segv
  rpm: Fix debugedit buildid processing

Marko Lindqvist (1):
  coreutils: update to upstream version 8.21

Maxin B. John (1):
  lttng: babeltrace: Update to upstream version 1.1.0

Nitin A Kamble (2):
  grub-efi-native_2.00.bb: fix a build issue
  psplash_git.bb: fix do_compile by correcting the script path

Paul Barker (1):
  gnupg: Add symlink for gpgv

Paul Eggleton (5):
  qemuimagetest: fix erroneous ps errors when qemu couldn't be started
  qemuimagetest: collect and print runqemu output
  classes/rm_work: rename RM_WORK_WHITELIST to RM_WORK_EXCLUDE
  classes/buildhistory: ensure SDK package lists include complementary pkgs
  classes/buildhistory: improve SRCREV recording

Radu Moisan (1):
  busybox: enable systemd integration for syslogd

Richard Purdie (18):
  package.bbclass: Handle subprocess errors correctly
  conf/machine: Clean up MACHINEOVERRIDES handling
  package.bbclass: Ensure debug source file is generated correctly
  at: Fix --with/without pam options
  package.bbclass: Correctly handle /usr/src/debug file ownership
  opkg-utils: Update to newer git rev for bashism fix
  font-alias: Add depends on font-util-native
  eglibc-locale: Ensure files have correct ownership
  qemu: Add missing DEPENDS on dtc
  xserver-nodm: Correct initscript header
  glib-networking: Disable libproxy and gnome-proxy since they're not in DEPEN
  qemuimage-testlib: Capture stderror in the logs as well as stdout
  base.bbclass: When we use fakeroot, also use it for devshell
  coreutils: Fix out of tree builds
  scripts/contrib/build-perf-test.sh: add option to allow cherry-picking of fi
  qemuimage-testlib: Increase qemu startup timeouts
  qemuimage-testlib: Use ww option to ps to ensure command output isn't trunca
  qemuimage-testlib: Fix quoting issue

Ross Burton (26):
  libxcb: fix repeated configures
  busybox: add strictatime support to mount
  systemd: make xz support (compressed journal) optional, defaulting to on.
  systemd: merge udev-systemd into udev
  core-image-minimal-initramfs: don't install busybox-syslog
  systemd: don't depend on the PCI/USB databases
  systemd: split out the hwdb data
  default-providers: change udev selection logic
  update-rcd.bbclass: handle both sysvinit and systemd features being present
  util-linux: split uuidd into it's own package, and enable for systemd
  update-rcd: drop depends to recommends, check for update-rcd in scripts
  systemd: check for systemctl first, and don't force systemd to be installed.
  systemd: add udev init script for hybrid sysvinit/systemd usage
  update-rc.d/systemd: change communication variable name
  default-distrovars: don't add INITMAN to DISTRO_FEATURES and DISTRO_FEATURES
  bitbake.conf: explicitly backfill sysvinit, not DISTRO_FEATURES_INITMAN
  default-distrovars: remove obsolete DISTRO_FEATURES_INITMAN reference
  packagegroup-core-boot: revert to specifying sysvinit as default init manage
  systemd-compat-units: disable dbus-1
  systemd: recommend systemd-compat-units
  dbus: explicitly disable systemd when no systemd
  busybox: order and group initscript variables logically
  udev: move /run volatile entry to udev instead of initscripts
  local.conf.sample.extended: remove obsolete DISTRO_FEATURES_INITMAN referenc
  weston: upgrade to 1.0.6
  wayland: upgrade to 1.0.6

Stefan Herbrechtsmeier (1):
  boost: Add real native support

Stefan Stanacar (3):
  scripts/contrib/build-perf-test.sh: add a script for build performance track
  scripts/contrib/build-perf-test.sh: add a global results file
  scripts/contrib/build-perf-test.sh: add timings for bitbake -p

Zhenhua Luo (1):
  rpm: split out run-postinsts

Changelog for meta-openembedded:

Aws Ismail (2):
  Quagga has no snmp support, unrecognized options --enable-tcp-md5
  Quagga: clean up whitespaces/hardtabs in recipe

Joe MacDonald (1):
  cyrus-sasl2: clean up rpath QA errors

Koen Kooi (1):
  multipath-tools: add recipe for git version

Marcin Juszkiewicz (5):
  glog: add 0.3.3 version
  tbb: add 4.1 20130116 version (4.1 update 2)
  libunwind: add 1.1 version
  libmcrypt: add 2.5.8
  gperftools: add 2.0

Ting Liu (1):
  lio-utils: initial add 4.1

Changelog for meta-angstrom:

Khem Raj (1):
  angstrom-next: Switch beaglebone and beagleboard to use hardfp ABI

Changelog for meta-arago:

Chase Maupin (14):
  ti-tisdk-setup: Add support for unknown devices
  ti-tisdk-makefile: Add omap5 support
  images: Add omap5 support to target images
  arago-source-ipk: Add TI u-boot and linux staging sources
  sdk packagegroups: Add support for omap5 devices
  arago-core-tisdk-image: add core SDK image
  arago-amsdk-image: Update to use the core SDK image
  omapconf: add omapconf utility to assist testing and debug
  arago-source-ipk: Add sourceipk for omapconf
  tisdk-packagegroups: Add omapconf
  ti-tisdk-makefile: Add omapconf targets
  ti-tisdk-makefile: Add build target for linux DTB files
  linux: remove setup-defconfig includes
  linux-ti-staging: add copy-defconfig functionality

Denys Dmytriyenko (3):
  arago.conf, u-boot: follow changes in meta-ti and set preferred versions
  kernel.bbclass: re-merge MACHINE_KERNEL_PR support from meta-oe
  arago-sourc-ipk: match u-boot source packages to the new names in meta-ti

Hao Zhang (1):
  bluez-hcidump: update SRC_URI since the old URI is not valid.

Changelog for meta-beagleboard:

Koen Kooi (9):
  linux-mainline 3.8: add mXT224 patchset, HDMI and tester fixes
  contrib: beaglebone eMMC flashing scripts
  contrib: bone-flash-tool: also flash EEPROM
  contrib: bone-flash-tools: parametrize mount points, add check for LEDs
  contrib: bone-flash-tool: also disconnect drive when using kpartx
  contrib: bone-flash-tool: change kpartx check
  contrib: bone-flash-tool: add more explicit sync points, make it safer to ru
  contrib: bone-flash-tool: partially revert last commit, (a)sync wasn't the p
  linux-mainline 3.8: drag in LDO3 fix and 6lowpan updates

Changelog for meta-browser:

Changelog for meta-bug:

Changelog for meta-chicken:

Changelog for meta-efikamx:

Changelog for meta-ettus:

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm:

Adrian Alonso (2):
  gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: remove xlib undef macros
  gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: group libs based on backend

Otavio Salvador (11):
  linux-fslc: Update to 20130324 snapshot of patches-3.8 branch
  gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Upgrade to 1.1.0
  gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Remove GL headers as we should use 'mesa' ones
  gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Add a rdepends of 'libglslc-mx6' in libgles2-mx6
  gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Fix conflicting type definition in HAL header
  gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Remove DRI libraries
  gpu-viv-bin-mx6q: Respect X11, DirectFB, FrameBuffer distro features
  libfslcodec: Don't try to split debug symbols
  libfslcodec: Add 'textrel' in INSANE_SKIP to avoid known warnings
  linux-fslc: Update to 20130329 snapshot of patches-3.8 branch
  imx6dlsabresd: Fix machine description

Vladan Jovanovic (1):
  image_types_fsl.bbclass: fix partition type for SD card boot partition

Changelog for meta-fsl-arm-extra:

John Weber (1):
  linux-imx (3.0.35): Fix cpu_regulator problem with Wandboard

Otavio Salvador (2):
  broadcom-nvram-config: Add compatible machine setting
  Merge "broadcom-nvram-config: Add compatible machine setting"

Changelog for meta-fsl-ppc:

Christopher Larson (1):
  layer.conf: avoid unnecessary early expansion with :=

chunrong guo (8):
  fmc: update to the commit for sdk 1.3.2
  fmlib: update to the commit for sdk 1.3.2
  fm-ucode: update to the commit for sdk 1.3.2
  rcw: update to the commit for sdk 1.3.2
  eth-config: update to the commit for sdk 1.3.2
  usdpaa: update to the commit for sdk 1.3.2
  u-boot: update to the commit for sdk 1.3.2
  linux: update to the commit for sdk 1.3.2

Changelog for meta-guacamayo:

Changelog for meta-gumstix:

Changelog for meta-gumstix-community:

Changelog for meta-handheld:

Changelog for meta-igep:

Changelog for meta-intel:

Kishore Bodke (5):
  romley: linux-yocto_3.8 recipe extension
  romley romley-ivb: Move BSPs to the v3.8 kernel
  meta-intel/common: Fix build issues for openssl-qat-module
  crystalforest: linux-yocto_3.8 recipe extension
  crystalforest gladden/server: Move BSPs to the v3.8 kernel

Nitin A Kamble (9):
  chiefriver: update v3.8 kernel recipe commits to v3.8.4
  crownbay: update v3.8 kernel recipe commits to v3.8.4
  emenlow: update v3.8 kernel recipe commits to v3.8.4
  fri2: update v3.8 kernel recipe commits to v3.8.4
  jasperforest: update v3.8 kernel recipe commits to v3.8.4
  nuc: update v3.8 kernel recipe commits to v3.8.4
  sugarbay: update v3.8 kernel recipe commits to v3.8.4
  sys940x: update v3.8 kernel recipe commits to v3.8.4
  MAINTAINERS: add missing entries

Changelog for meta-ivi:

Changelog for meta-java:

woglinde (1):
  Merge pull request #37 from kraj/master

Changelog for meta-kde:

Changelog for meta-micro:

Changelog for meta-mono:

Changelog for meta-netbookpro:

Changelog for meta-nslu2:

Changelog for meta-opie:

Paul Eggleton (2):
  camera-assistant: move files to files subdirectory
  layer.conf: use ??= to set variables

Changelog for meta-qt3:

Changelog for meta-slugos:

Changelog for meta-systemd:

Changelog for meta-raspberrypi:

Changelog for meta-smartphone:

Martin Jansa (7):
  README: add missing meta-oe dependency in BSP layers
  README: use github mirror URLs
  shr: Remove DISTRO_FEATURES_INITMAN variable
  shr: add update-rc.d to BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS
  README: fix URL for meta-smartphone repo

Changelog for meta-ti:

Andreas Müller (1):
  mesa-dri: follow oe-core's renaming to mesa

Chase Maupin (7):
  linux-ti-staging: Add OMAP5 support
  omap5-evm: Add OMAP5 EVM configuration
  linux-ti-staging: Update to latest staging kernel
  omap5-evm: Update serial console to proper value
  linux-ti-staging: Add panda dts file as supported DTS
  dra7xx-evm: Add DRA7xx machine type
  linux: Use setup-defconfig in kernel recipes

Denys Dmytriyenko (2):
  linux-ti-staging: rename to have version in name, update to latest
  linux-ti-staging: one more update to latest 3.8.5

Changelog for meta-webos:

Ed Chejlava (1):
  ca-certificates: create ca-certificates.crt file

Herb Kuta (3):
  webos-image: cpushareholder=2,v2.0.1
  Revert "webos: Add WEBOS_DISTRO_API_VERSION variable"

Iyad Qumei (1):
  packagegroup-core-tools-debug: add ltrace component

Janne Hurskainen (5):
  webos: Add WEBOS_DISTRO_BUILD_INFO variable
  webos-image: Generate ${webos_sysconfdir}/build/image-name
  webos-image: Fix rootfs_set_image_name comments
  lsb: Use new WEBOS_DISTRO_* build info variables

Keith Derrick (1):
  webos-image: nyx-modules=83

Kwangrim Ahn (1):
  openjade-native: Handle arbitrary directory names

Martin Jansa (6):
  lvm2: Rename bbappend to match new version from meta-oe
  ca-certificates: Rename to match new version from meta-oe
  mm-common: Remove changes not needed after oe-core upgrade
  webos: Change default IMAGE_FSTYPES setting
  lttng2-ust: Backport patch from oe-core to fix parallel build issue
  tcf-agend: Add bbappend to resolve modified epl-v10.html

Pekka Ropo (3):
  webos-image: nyx-modules=82
  nyx-modules: Support new build info variables
  nyx-modules: Support new build info variables

Susan Montooth (1):
  Revert "nyx-modules: Support new build info variables"

Changelog for meta-xilinx:

Changelog for meta-yocto:

Bruce Ashfield (1):
  linux-yocto/meta-yocto-bsps: update h/w references to v3.4.36

Emilia Ciobanu (2):
  Added regex for gtk-update-icon-cache-native
  package_regex.inc: Added regex for elfutils

Ross Burton (2):
  local.conf.sample.extended: remove obsolete DISTRO_FEATURES_INITMAN referenc
  poky.conf: enable Wayland DISTRO_FEATURE

Changelog for openembedded:

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