[meta-freescale] Vivante graphics driver

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Mon Oct 28 06:46:32 PDT 2019

Otavio wrote…

>We use the kernel module as a way to easy the upgrade of GPU driver
>releases. If using the built-in the Linux kernel version needs to
>match the GPU driver release while if using the external kernel
>module, this is not a requirement.
>Another reason is that the external kernel module bring fixes we do as
OK, so I think I will disable the built in version and use the external 
kernel module.

>>  Secondly, in the tmp/work/…/imx-gpu-viv directory there is a file called
>>  imx-gpu-viv-6.2.4.p4.0-aarch32.bin and likewise in
>>  tmp/work/…/imx-gpu-g2d there is a imx-gpu-g2d-6.2.4.p4.0-arm.bin.  I
>>  presume that these are some kind of firmware file but as far as I can
>>  see they aren’t making it into the file system on the target.  Do I need
>>  to do something with them?
>The version used depends on the target you are building for.
I am building for a Boundary Devices Nitrogen 6 Lite board (i.MX6 Solo) 
using Yocto and the linux-boundary-4.14 kernel recipe.

We seem to be having really poor performance with canvas events in our 
HTML5/CSS front end and some of the benchmarks[1] we have run only seem 
to make 10fps.


1 - https://themaninblue.com/experiment/AnimationBenchmark/canvas/

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